If you can't see live views check this:

It's unfortunate, but there are difference in computers, software, operating systems, etc. that we have no control over. We have compiled the information below in an attempt to assist you:

You need to make sure your operating system is up to date visit http://www.update.microsoft.com/ and download and install ALL updates to ensure trouble free operation.

Active X is required to view some webcams. It should prompt you to install the Active X automatically. If downloading and installing Active X doesn't solve your problem, then you will need to open your internet browser and take the following steps: (steps may vary according to browser and operating system).

1. Open internet Explorer

2. Click on Tools

3. Click on Internet Option

4. Click on Security

5. Click on Custom Level

6. In that listing you will see at least one reference to ActiveX controls and plugins. Make sure they are all enable!!! Mine had 6 references to Activex. In fact, everything in mine is set to enable.

For a better Use : You need a Powerful computer and a Fast connection. You have to accept or download Java, Active X, Axis and sometimes to install programs (it will depend of the camera). To get the streamimg images could take more than one minute. 

We want everyone to be able to view live webcams from the world.  The list of webcam is growing, we hope this information will help.

Web Browser Setting

The WebCam Viewer is automatically download from the server. There is no software to install it in advance. However, depending on the type of Web browser you are using and your software settings, you may need change your Web browser setting. The setting for the Web browser vary depending on the version used.

Using Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer has setting that specifies whether the use of Java is permitted. From the "View" menu, select " Internet Options" and click the "Advanced" tab. Then set " JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled" as the "Microsoft VM" setting. In Internet Explorer 5 or later, you must install the Java VM. If you are using Windows XP, you need to update..

Using Netscape Navigator or Communicator
Netscape Navigator and Netscape Communicator also have a setting that specifies whether the use of Java is permitted.
Select "Preferences" from the "Edit " menu, click " Advanced" and then click in the "Enable Java " checkbox.

Operating Environment
Web Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Firefox, Opera, Safari.....
Operating System All Windows, All Mac Os, Chrome.....
Error Messages
too many clients The limit on the number of video server connections has been exceeded. Access to the camera server is apparently overcrowded. Wait a few minutes time and then reconnect.
can't connect version mismatched The camera server is a different version. Clear the Web browser cache.
can't connect The viewer cannot connect to the camera control server. There is a coding error in the Web page used for video distribution, or there is a problem on the camera server.
couldn't get camera control The limit on the number of people queuing for camera control privileges has been exceeded. Access to the camera server is apparently overcrowded. Wait some time and then try again to acquire control privileges.
camera control is disabled The viewer cannot connect to the camera control server. This is normal operation because camera control is prohibited by the camera server.
camera is off-line or abnormal The connected camera is switched off or the RS cable is not connected.  
disconnected The connection time limit has expired. Users are allow only 10 min viewing time before camera must be refreshed. To reconnect, reload (refresh) the Web page in your Web browser.

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